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We are totally focused on making technology usable by those who use it, not by those who design it, and this statement is not as trivial as it seems! Going practical:

  • in reducing costs and the time required for resources to achieve the client’s goals.
  • in reducing the severity and number of problems that could occur.
  • in sensing and avoiding potential problems.
  • in assessing the security risks we may face.
  • in creating roadmaps to anticipate TTM (Time-to-Market).
  • in countering the sudden competition that emerged from a corner of the globe.

You can browse the blogs for each specific solution to see how we implemented this approach.

Welcome to NFT Token Art

… to assert the ownership of original photos, messages, and any other digital masterpiece.

What We Do

We can help you expose fakes and legally prove ownership.

What is an NFT?

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) represents a digital surrogate of a digital asset, or an...

What is the principle of NFT based on?

Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification...

What are the fields of application?

If the asset is uniquely represented by a token, then in order to sell a property it is...

What can we do for you?

We are able to draw on the most effective partners - in terms of timescales, pricing…

What will the day-to-day operations be?

Once the process is put into daily operation the system goes into maintenance and...

What support can you rely on?

We can provide the most suitable resources during the development of the …

Spreadsheet Lovers

Excel now has over 475 formulas, making it the most powerful tool for presenting data after complex processing.

Beautify Data Table
A “nice to look at” encourages your recipients to analyze the data with greatest interest in a more emotional way.
Excel Spreadsheet Design
With an efficient design, it will be easy for you to modify formulas and improve your spreadsheet over time without losing control.
Excel Spreadsheet Optimization
Excessive use of Excel can significantly decrease its performance. It is important to optimize performance while maintaining readability.
What-If Analysis
Don’t forget to consider your What-if scenarios before deciding.
Excel Emulator Server
Create a RealTimeData server to leverage the full power of Excel on the web.
Excel Integration
Transform your database into a visually appealing Excel spreadsheet.

Data Science

Mastering the world of data engineering is considered an art that only a select few possess,
requiring a skill set of at least 29 capabilities to effectively manipulate data.
Here are six of them: 

Data Cleansing
Modify the database contents while maintaining the original semantics.
Data Integration
Integrate multiple databases seamlessly with a single click, without any errors.
Data Quality
How much lost data and how dirty is the database?
Data Disposal
Is deleting data that is no longer needed a truly trivial task?
Data Masking
How can I take the tests without signing the NDA?
Data Recovery
How can data be restored efficiently without consuming excessive time and storage space?

PHPRunner Empowering

Do you have a PHPRunner application that has become burdensome to maintain and is no longer effective?
Perhaps your PHPRunner application has become unstable. Are you aware that integrations with other languages are possible with PHPRunner?
This situation arises when something is going wrong, and you are unsure of the reason why. Would you like to seek a second opinion before making a decision?
So, there’s still time to straighten out the budget and the TTM. Maybe you are still making just-in-time decisions.


  • Does a small company have a single opportunity to launch its eCommerce website?
  • This business model functions as a pragmatic joint-venture incubator.
  • When the time comes to exit the joint venture partnership, the company can repurchase Altos’ shares at market price, if an agreement cannot be reached.
  • Due diligence will be conducted by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

Web For Kimono Designers

A Japanese artisan with artistic flair was selling wallets with texture inspired by kimonos. The marketplace he turned to specialized in products made in Japan asked him for high investments, competitive prices, high fees and his wallets were only one of 100,000… Our market research found that they would be the only one to sell online directly (D2C). Our business plan forecasted one-year ROI. So, we proposed a Joint-Venture business model to him.

Personal Chef

A pastry chef in Naples, Italy, prepares the cake ordered by one of his customers in live video conferences. The recording of the video conference will be delivered to your customer because it is sold together with the cake. The customer had the chef exclusively for him. The customer will keep this memory forever and will have the opportunity to replicate the recipe in the future.

Web to Curtains

A Dutch curtain shop realized that if he converted some shop assistants into installers, he could increase production without increasing costs. A web agency asked him too high a cost for an e-commerce because too many of his competitors were already online and the web agency did not guarantee him any ROI. So too much risk! We could improve ROI by reducing risk with a win-win Joint-Venture business model.

Web to Print

A small Dutch printing company was having difficulty repeatedly optimizing the online quoting method within its e-commerce site. Even a small mistake would have caused the loss of the customer or the cancellation of his profit. We then installed a WordPress extension with which he imported new versions of his worksheet in a minute without any technical skills.

Adopt a Kitten

A Tokyo pet center knows full well that the sale of a kitten cannot be concluded immediately. This adoption could be a success only after a few days of cohabitation when the correspondence between the kitten and the owner will be definitively ascertained! Otherwise the kitten will return to the center and the owner will look elsewhere. Is it possible to reduce unfinished sales? YES. But installing some cameras and implementing web applications are both expensive!

Adopt a Nannie

At Dubai airport you will find your little child’s nanny who already has the medicines with her, knows his eating habits, your language, your religion, your culture and so your child will not miss you while you are taken in your businesses. But before your trip you needed to chat on the web at any time of the day or night to fix every little detail to avoid any misunderstanding. We provided this 24/7 webchatting service.

Adopt an Olive Tree

Many olive groves sell the usufruct of a tree to the end customer. How can we financially support the initiative of this small start-up? Our role in the JV (joint-venture) contract agreement was to not be surprised by new marketing initiatives from competitors and to continuously adapt the website until reaching customers to meet BPE (Break Even Point).

Web For Plugins Developers

The plugin was dedicated to emulating Excel spreadsheet in the WooCommerce environment. We funded the software development, digital marketing, web chat support and its innovative architecture based on vTiger CRM. This project started at the end of 2016 until we reached the ROI. The JV agreement lasted 4 years because it was our first experience of this type but we learned a lot and managed to sell in over 160 countries around the world.

Order Now with QR Code

The majority of family restaurants in Tokyo support themselves financially in 60-square-meter rooms with no cashier and no room service through orders via QR code. But to grow this same business model must also be implemented on the website which unfortunately requires web chatting and customer care for delivery. Therefore, a Joint-Venture Contract Agreement allows you to grow without increasing fixed expenses and without initial investment.

Web For Psychotherapist

An American psychotherapist approached us with a request to conduct his practice online. Our solution involved installing a pair of webcams in his client’s home, allowing him to observe the client’s nonverbal reactions during sessions. We also handled the setup of this system at the client’s home and ensured its maintenance.

Web for Self-Publishing Writers

Publishing your own book on your own website is rapidly becoming more popular than the recent trend of publishing on specialized websites. However, the responsibility for selling the book still lies with the author. This involves B2C eCommerce principles that are typical in every eCommerce venture. We can mitigate risks and share profits through a Joint-Venture agreement.

24x7 support with 3h SLA

A Swedish company with 20 employees has developed a network of over 25 e-commerce sites with over 150,000 products and a supply chain to automate the administrative processes of the active and passive cycle. He can’t hire a full-time web developer and he can’t find a freelancer with a 3-hour SLA 24×7. So here we are with a Joint-Venture Contract Agreement customized for them.

Digital Sovereignty

Every company is concerned about ensuring the security and 24-hour accessibility of staff data and documentation. It must also guarantee the confidentiality (privacy) of company information and the private information of its collaborators by respecting the regulations of the regions in which it operates which are similar but different, practically in every country in the world.

The market offers the most creative solutions: private clouds, hybrid clouds and internal corporate servers. But very often the solutions adopted are not 100%  satisfactory and rarely manage to scale the business complexities that evolve seamlessly. 

These issues are experienced with anxiety by governmental, financial and multinational institutions.

But small companies are even more so because their costs are proportionately more demanding to protect their products with high innovative technological content. 

Some categories of professionals handle the sensitive data of their clients and their confidentiality is extreme: doctors, tax and legal consultants, etc. For them, the financial impact of the solutions may become unsustainable.

We have identified which satisfies all the strategic constraints of every company: from the smallest (a few dozen employees) to those with tens of thousands of users. is high-performance and scalable, always at competitive costs. 

We are using it because we manage the data of collaborators spread across many countries and sometimes we have visibility of the company data of some clients who operate in disparate regions whose clients are spread mainly across Europe and the United States.

We can conclude that has allowed us to exercise our digital sovereignty fully and we are not “frozen” by management costs!

WordPress on .NET Core

Those who consider WordPress to be solely a CMS are underestimating its true capabilities. WordPress is a versatile framework that supports the development of complex plugins resembling sophisticated applications, such as WooCommerce, Elementor, and WPML. Through these plugins, it is feasible to integrate a wide range of applications developed in various languages. Previously, integrating a Dot Net architecture with WordPress seemed daunting. However, the introduction of the Microsoft 365 substrate with Asp.Net Core architecture now enables efficient development processes with reliable solidity and professional elegance synonymous with Microsoft.

Secure Mail and Document Exchange

In professional settings such as those of doctors, lawyers, administrative and financial consultants, there is a need to exchange large volumes of confidential information with clients. To address this, we have designed a web-based, peer-to-peer encrypted transfer solution that eliminates the use of emails and attachments. Version control is managed through timestamps, allowing for secure and efficient collaboration. This solution enables consultations to be conducted for as long as desired by the professional firm.

vTiger CRM

All customer information is managed within the CRM system, with being the preferred choice due to its affordability, popularity, and ease of customization. offers two solutions: a) a SaaS (cloud service) option with pricing based on users, modules, and subscription plans, or b) an open-source edition for download and installation on the customer’s infrastructure.

For any unique customizations required, we have created a successful partnership with an official partner. Our offer includes startup assistance, user training, ongoing maintenance, and prompt online support to ensure maximum productivity for each user.

GDPR - and similar - Compliancy

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for monitoring all changes and providing a copy to the subject upon request. They must delete the subject’s data upon a simple request. Any paper document signed by the subject must be securely retained. Categories at highest risk include doctors, lawyers, religious figures, accountants, and financial consultants.

Logistics & Shipping


Our solution serves to a variety of needs and is highly optimized for one of our customers specializing in a specific market niche. In our business solution, salespeople are empowered to also function as project managers, overseeing the entire process from inception to completion, including managing suppliers and handling related contractual aspects.
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